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"About Japan: Newbie To Knowledgeable"

This book is about Japan and things Japanese. It is intended for anyone coming to Japan or just wanting to learn more about this fascinating country. As you will see in the table of contents, I present a narrative which includes a range of topics that I believe are relevant for anyone interested in Japan.
The “Land of the Rising Sun” can be extremely mysterious to western visitors. However, to the folks who call Japan home, it is a land of clearly defined ancient customs coexisting with modern technological advancements under fairly rigid societal standards.
With a fascinating history that goes back thousands of years, it is amazing that Japan has managed to retain its true identity in these days of modern travel and instantaneous global communications. While concessions have been made to the march of time and the influence of western culture (especially in clothing, music and electronics), the Japanese are very protective of traditional ways. No amount of outside influence has been able to change their unique view of life and the world.
This book is not designed for the serious student of Japan. My intention is to provide a glimpse into Japan so that newcomers will have a basic understanding of their surroundings before they arrive or early in their stay.

Follow this link to the Kindle version of the book.   |   This is the Paperback Version on Amazon.

Thank you for your interest and I hope the book makes your stay in Japan enjoyable and rewarding.