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Hi and welcome to Japan. I'm glad you stopped by. I hope when you leave this section you have learned something about Japan and will come back often. There is so much to tell you. Japan is a small country compared to the United States but it also has a history that goes back many thousnds of years which makes it ancient compared to the US.

The goal of Misawajapan.com, and this About Japan section primarily, is to share as much information as I can about this wonderful place. Much of the material deals with Japan in general and some is Misawa-specific. Some of the information will apply to US military, civil service employees and contractors serving here and their families and some will be of use to anyone visiting Japan. I hope these pages help you understand Japan and the Japanese little better and let you enjoy your stay here.

The subjects are endless. While I have lived here for a long time, at least some research is required in order to provide accurate and timely information. This section is new and, right now, the offerings are sparse. However, please understand the time involved in creating these pages and especially the ebooks. None-the-less, it is my intention to add data as soon as I can compile and post it.

Some of the information I develop is provided here for free on the site via the links at the top of the page. However, for more in-depth info on specific subjects, please don't leave without taking a look at the books About Japan that I have published.

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