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(With 1 exception - there's a free one!)
All immediately downloadable in PDF format.

About Japan: Holidays and Special Occasions. 50 pages of text and grapics listing of the holidays and special occasions observed in Japan; including origins and customs.

My "Holidays and Special Occasions" e-book is FREE. Let’s call it my introduction to "About Japan" and MisawaJapan.com.

NEW! About Japan: Early History of Religion in Japan is another of my recovered, revived works that was orininally published in 1905. This is an interesting history of how different religions affected the japanese people in the last 19th and early 20th centuries. It also shows how the unusual way that many Japanese approach religion today could have developed.

About Japan: Fairy Tales of 19th Century Japan was my latest publication. 22 Japanese Fairy Tales that have survived from the Meiji Era of the late 1800s. Timeless stories that modern Japanese know well. Also only $2. Click the title for more details.

Bushido, The Soul of Japan. Bushido translates to The Way of the Warrior, the midieval Japanese Samurai's code of behavior. The original book was written in 1899, after the Meiji Restoration and the demise of the samurai as the elite warrior class. Author Inazu Nitobe relates a clear picture of the fuedal Japanese concept of chivaly. Up to this time, the west believe in the total absence of chivalry of any type in the Far East. It was, in fact, taught as such by western scholars of the period. History buff or fan of things Japanese, I believe you will enjoy this trip back in time and Nitobe-san's explanation of BUSHIDO.

About Japan: Tales of Old Japan. A 337-page collection of works by Japanese writers related and explained by a British subject living in Japan at the end of the 19th Century. An enlightening read for anyone but, I believe, especially interesting for someone who will be living in Japan for a while. It also includes wood-block print illustrations of the stories. Only $2!

About Japan: Japanese Children's Stories. This fascinating collection of stories and narrative was published in 1909 and reflects the manner in which Japanese children were entertained and occupied themselves in the late 19th century. This work is not to be confused with the Fairy Tales work listed above.

About Japan: The History of Tea. This long out-of-print was written in 1906 by Kakuzo Okakura however it is still relevant in this day and age to those who are interested in Japanese life and culture. I truly enjoyed it and I hope you will to.

Note: All ebooks are in PDF format. When you load the book, I recommend enlarging it to 125% for better reading.

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